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Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Dominate New Domestic RHI Installations

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive was launched on April 9th, 2014. A new report from Green Business Watch has analysed the most recent application numbers from the scheme and highlights some interesting facts about the uptake of domestic renewable heat. … Continue reading

IEA Stresses the Need for Policy Certainty if Renewable Energy Momentum is to be Maintained

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report. It highlights continued success for renewables in 2013 and points to the need for policy certainty to sustain further growth. Continue reading

How Solar Panels Work [infographic]

Many UK homes have been generating their own electricity, saving on bills and earning income with solar panels. But if you’ve ever wondered how solar panels work, here is a quick visual guide. Continue reading

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which provides a visual statement of your home’s energy efficiency. The EPC is designed to give a quick reference as to how much the house is likely to cost to run. Continue reading

Solar PV Feed in Tariff Rates Remain Unchanged From October 2014

Solar Feed in Tariff rates across all bands are to remain unchanged for the 4th quarter of 2014. Under the degression mechanism built into the solar PV Feed in Tariff, rates are lowered each quarter providing that deployment targets have … Continue reading

How Much do Solar Panels Cost?

With returns from the Feed in Tariff (FiT) on top of energy savings, solar panels are a very attractive investment. But how much money do solar panels cost? Continue reading

How do Returns From FIT Compare With Other Household Investment Options?

Just how do you accurately compare the financial returns from solar or other renewable investments with the alternative vehicles you have for investing your money? Earlier this year, energy minister Greg Barker caused a bit of a stir when he … Continue reading

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Closed

On July 24th, 2014 just short of 7 weeks after the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was launched, DECC announced that the fund is now closed for applications. Continue reading

Get up to £7,600 From the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) launched on 9th June 2014 and will see householders claiming up to £7,600 for making energy efficient changes to their homes. Continue reading

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Guide Launched

This is just a really quick post to let people know that we have just launched our Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Guide. The Domestic RHI Guide is the latest in a series of guides we have prepared covering renewable energy, … Continue reading

Solar Panel Grants in the UK

We take a look at the main, nationwide schemes that will provide funding for people to buy and install solar panels on their homes. Continue reading

DETINI Propose Massive Cuts in Support for Northern Ireland Solar

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland have released proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO) as part of the small scale banding review consultation. The consultation is part of an ongoing process that sees banding … Continue reading

Solar FIT – What do Higher, Middle and Lower Rates Mean?

If you’ve ever come across the solar Feed in Tariff rates table, you’ll have seen several rates depending on the size of the installation and further divided into higher, middle and lower rate tariffs. So, what do ‘higher’, ‘middle’, and ‘lower’ rates mean and when do they apply? Continue reading

Solar Feed in Tariff Changes, July 2014

New solar PV Feed in Tariff rates come into effect from July 1st 2014. Rates remain unchanged for lower capacity installations that apply to the bulk of domestic installs under the Feed in Tariff.  The lower rate tariff, which applies … Continue reading

Solar PV Costs Fall Sharply as Renewables Account For 43.6% of New Capacity in 2013

2013 was a big year for renewable energy worldwide with 43.6% of new energy generating capacity being from renewables. This is despite a drop in investment for the second year running. Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014 is the … Continue reading

Cavity Wall Insulation – A Brief Guide

More than a third of heat loss from an uninsulated home occurs through the walls, so cavity wall insulation should be high on the list of priorities for any householder with a suitable home. With some funding available to reduce the … Continue reading

10 Facts to Show the Awesome Energy Potential of the Sun

Our latest cartoon and 10 awe inspiring facts about the energy potential of the Sun. It’s hard to see which part of this it is that we can’t understand. Continue reading

Renewable Heat Incentive Finally Available For Domestic Use

Ofgem has announced that the long awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is now available for domestic users from today. It is hoped that the scheme, which involves the use of a tariff for the production of renewable heat, will encourage … Continue reading

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is Open?

It looks like the Sunday Times were right and the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is finally set to open for business today. We haven’t seen an official announcement yet but Ofgem has updated its page on the Domestic RHI.  Ofgem … Continue reading

How Much Do You Know About Insulation?

Insulation makes perfect sense for anyone looking to create a greener, more energy efficient building, and it should be your first step on the road to a low carbon home. After all, there is little point in spending money to … Continue reading

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