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Green Deal Gets EU Cash and Approval

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The EU has approved £600 million in support of the Green Deal. The funding was confirmed earlier this week in statements praising the aims of the scheme. Continue reading

Is Global Warming Making Our Weather Wetter?

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Guest author, Terry Piece, gives us his thoughts on recent weather conditions in the UK and the connection with greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change. Continue reading

Climate Scientists are Understating the Effects of Global Warming

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A recent study, published in Global Environmental Change, is telling us that climate scientists have been understating the effects of global temperature increases. They call it ‘Erring on the side of least drama’, and its a far cry from the ‘alarmism’ they are sometimes accused of. Continue reading

Wind Generates More Energy in Spain Than Coal or Nuclear

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We are constantly told by naysayers that renewables can’t scale and can’t get the job done for grid-scale power generation. Yet in the last 3 months wind has generated more of Spain’s power than any other energy source. Continue reading

Not Flying Will Not Reduce Emissions?

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Leo Hickman has a really interesting piece today on The Guardian’s environmental blog.  He covers a discussion paper from Dr Grischa Perino of the University of East Anglia.  The discussion paper argues that consumers who choose not to fly within the EU will … Continue reading

Buy Your Mackerel From a Sustainable Source

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It is one of the oily fishes, high in those important omega 3 fats. Universally agreed to be good for us and traditionally a bit of a hard sell. Top chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, helped to make it a more trendy food with his … Continue reading

Why Green Business

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Welcome to the Green Business Watch UK office! Just open and eager to fulfill our promise to bring you all the information you need to find the eco-friendly, sustainable products and services you are looking for. Continue reading

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