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What is a Condensing Boiler and How Does it Work?

It can be all too easy to get confused about the different types of boilers and which is right for you. Today, it’s all about the condensing boiler, and building regulations specify that any new boiler installed in the UK … Continue reading

Government Cuts Solar PV Tariff to 4.39p/kWh From January 15th

The Government has announced cuts to the Feed in Tariff across all bands from 2016. Domestic installations up to 10kW in capacity will be reduced to 4.39p/kWh. Although this is a significant reduction on the current rate of 12.47p/kWh for … Continue reading

Are the UK Government About to Kill Solar Subsidies?

The short and unfortunate answer is yes, it looks like they are. The Government is proposing to cut the Feed in Tariff from 12.47 p/kWh to 1.63 p/kWh unless you get in before January 1st. Continue reading

How Much Can You Save With Home Insulation?

With winter approaching, a warmer home and lower heating bills is a very attractive prospect. If your home is like most in the UK, there is still a lot that can be done to lessen heat loss and wasted energy … Continue reading

Solar Feed in Tariff Changes – October 2015

New solar PV Feed in Tariff rates will come into effect from October 1st 2015. Rates will reduce for the bands up to 50 kW. The higher rate for installations up to 4kW will fall from 12.92p/kWh to 12.47p/kWh. Continue reading

Domestic Solar Panel Installation and Planning Permission – England

This article refers to the planning requirements for Domestic Solar PV Installations in England. There are significant differences in the rules if your property is in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Domestic Solar PV installations are considered ‘permitted development’* in … Continue reading

Solar Feed in Tariff Changes – July 2015

New solar PV Feed in Tariff rates will come into effect from July 1st 2015. Rates will reduce for most bands with the higher rate for installations up to 4kW falling from 13.39p/kWh to 12.92p/kWh. Continue reading

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Actually Work?

Even “cold” air contains energy in the form of heat. This energy is used to heat a refrigerant and turn it to gas. The gas is compressed and then fed to a condenser where it releases heat to the heating system. Continue reading

Do Solar Panels Have to Face South to be Worth it in the UK?

Solar panels get a lot of coverage these days and mostly there’s a prediction in there for how much you can earn on a South facing roof. But what if you don’t have a South facing roof? What if your … Continue reading

Concerned About Energy Bills? Solar Panels Might be the Answer

Paying their home energy bills is the main worry for people in the UK, above their other serious household expenses. At least according to a recent Ernst & Young survey of 2,000 UK consumers: “Despite recent price reductions, it remains … Continue reading

Are Solar Panels Still Worth It With FiT at 13.39p?

On the 1st of April, the Feed in Tariff for solar panels went to 13.39 p/kWh and we thought you might be wondering whether solar panels are still worth it at this tariff rate. Continue reading

FIT Installation Update – October to December 2014

The fourth quarter of 2014 was a strong end to a strong year for the UK Feed in Tariff scheme and saw installations reach 560,825 and a total installed capacity of 2,988.46 MW. Continue reading

December Sees 1,730 Biomass Installations as Domestic RHI Installs Increase for 8th Month in a Row

December was another record month under the Domestic RHI. New installations have increased for the 8th month in a row with biomass dominating the figures spectacularly. Continue reading

Are Domestic Solar Panels Still a Good Investment in 2014?

Given that your solar panel system could have earned you 41.3p/kWh in 2010 and will only earn 14.38p/kWh if you get it installed today, is it still a good investment? Continue reading

Solar Panels are All Around Us [Photos]

Six photographs each telling its story of how solar panels are contributing to our daily lives. Continue reading

Solar PV Tariff Rate Changes, January 2015

Ofgem have announced new solar PV Feed in Tariff rates that will take effect from January 1st 2015. The new solar PV tariff rates will apply for the first quarter of 2015 and see rates for all bands under 50kW … Continue reading

Domestic RHI Growth Continues as Air Source Heat Pumps Have a Big Month in September

The latest Domestic Renewable Heat Update covers installations from September and shows new installations under the Domestic RHI continuing their month on month growth. Biomass continues to have the largest share of new installations under the Domestic RHI, with Air … Continue reading

Congratulations to Cernunnos on New Headquarters

September saw renewable heat installer Cernunnos launch new permanent headquarters in Newton, South Cambridgeshire. We’d just like to say congratulations on their successful opening. The launch tied in with the Cambridge Open Eco Homes event and around 100 people got … Continue reading

Renewable Heat Installations Under the Social Landlords Competition

Following up on our recent UK Domestic Renewable Heat Update, we were asked about data for the social housing sector. Since August 2011, funding has been available through the RHPP Social Landlords Competition in 3 phases. The RHPP Social Landlords … Continue reading

Tariffs for Small Commercial Biomass to Reduce by 10% From October 1st 2014

DECC has announced a 10% reduction to the small commercial biomass tariff under the non-domestic RHI. The new tariffs for the quarter starting October 1st 2014 see tariffs for small commercial biomass (less than 200 kWth) reduce from 8.4 and … Continue reading

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