What Now For Heat Pump Funding in 2021?

The Green Homes Grant closed to new applications on March 31st 2021. The grant scheme had run since September 2020 and provided vouchers of up to £5,000 for primary measures including insulation and low carbon heating systems. Now that it’s … Continue reading

Green Homes Grant Closes to New Applications Today

The Green Homes Grant was launched in September 2020 with great ambitions. The scheme had twin aims to support important and necessary upgrades to the efficiency of the UK’s housing stock and to provide a boost in the context of … Continue reading

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work in the UK?

The simple answer to this question is probably, yes, air source heat pumps do work in the UK. It might be more accurate, however, to say that air source heat pumps can work in the UK. It turns out that … Continue reading

Net Zero Carbon by 2050 – But How?

On June 24th, the House of Commons passed Government legislation committing the UK to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Not surprisingly, the zero emissions target has been broadly welcomed by environmental groups. Perhaps a little more interestingly, … Continue reading

What Is ‘Gas Safe’ And Why Is It Important To You?

The Gas Safe register lists those who are able to work on gas appliances. Here is what you need to know on Gas Safe and what it means for your safety. Continue reading

Solar Panels are All Around Us [Photos]

Six photographs each telling its story of how solar panels are contributing to our daily lives. Continue reading

Congratulations to Cernunnos on New Headquarters

September saw renewable heat installer Cernunnos launch new permanent headquarters in Newton, South Cambridgeshire. We’d just like to say congratulations on their successful opening. The launch tied in with the Cambridge Open Eco Homes event and around 100 people got … Continue reading

Renewable Heat Installations Under the Social Landlords Competition

Following up on our recent UK Domestic Renewable Heat Update, we were asked about data for the social housing sector. Since August 2011, funding has been available through the RHPP Social Landlords Competition in 3 phases. The RHPP Social Landlords … Continue reading

IEA Stresses the Need for Policy Certainty if Renewable Energy Momentum is to be Maintained

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report. It highlights continued success for renewables in 2013 and points to the need for policy certainty to sustain further growth. Continue reading

New Report: Greening the Economy Can and Must Underpin UK Recovery

A new report from the University College London Green Economic Policy Commission today outlines how a green economic strategy can strengthen the UK economy. Continue reading

Heat Pump Guides

Ground and air source heat pumps are increasingly popular options throughout the UK. They allow homes and businesses to reduce the cost of heating bills and reduce emissions. We’ve recently updated our guides section with guides on both Ground Source … Continue reading

What Are These Green Levies? And What Are Their Impact On Your Energy Bills?

Energy prices seem never to be out of the news these last few weeks and there is a lot of talk about “green levies”. So, what environmental costs are part of our bills and what are their effects? Continue reading

Price Freeze Speculation and Fixed Price Energy Promotions

Energy companies are queuing up to cash in on the announcement by the leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband that the party would freeze energy bills if they were elected and using it to promote their fixed price deals. Continue reading

FIT and the Green Deal for Solar PV installations

With so much in the press about the Feed in Tariff (FIT) as well as the Green Deal, many are perplexed by exactly what is available, and how these two schemes can work together for their benefit. This overview of the schemes is designed to demystify the relationship between the two. It outlines how the householder can use both FIT and Green Deal to help maximise the benefits they get from their solar installation. Continue reading

Select Committee Reveals Verdict on Green Deal

A new report which has been released this week by the Energy and Climate Change select committee has suggested that the government is taking too long to show evidence of how the Green Deal will improve the energy efficiency of … Continue reading

Impact of Climate Policies on Energy Bills [infographic]

UK climate and energy policies are helping to reduce our household energy bills. This graffic shows the expected costs from various climate and energy policies, the savings they create and their effects on our average energy bills. Continue reading

Isle of Wight – an Ecoisland in the making?

From small acorns mighty oaks do grow. The Isle of Wight has an ambitious plan to make the island self-sufficient in energy by 2020. Called Ecoisland, the project is the brainchild of local entrepreneur David Green. By using a mixture … Continue reading

Household Consumption and the Emissions We Generate

The European Environment Agency has released a report studying “Environmental pressures from European consumption and production”. At 124 pages of “environmentally extended input-output analysis”, it isn’t exactly casual reading for your next beach holiday. They have, however, some quite interesting … Continue reading

Plastic Bags – Can We Stop Them Killing Our Planet? [infographic]

One trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide per year with many of them ending up in our oceans and killing the animals that live there. We use 4.3 billion gallons of oil each year to produce the plastic bags that … Continue reading