Green Deal

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Closed

On July 24th, 2014 just short of 7 weeks after the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was launched, DECC announced that the fund is now closed for applications. Continue reading

Get up to £7,600 From the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) launched on 9th June 2014 and will see householders claiming up to £7,600 for making energy efficient changes to their homes. Continue reading

Solar Panel Grants in the UK

We take a look at the main, nationwide schemes that will provide funding for people to buy and install solar panels on their homes. Continue reading

Green Deal: Control Your Heating

Once you have done all you can to improve the efficiency of your home through insulation and heat loss reduction, you can start to think about the way you are heating your home. A homes heating bill is typically the … Continue reading

Green Deal: Insulation and Draft Proofing

Before you start thinking about renewable energy, it is important to make your home as efficient as possible. This means making it as draught proof and as well insulated as you can. Continue reading

How to Get The Green Deal: Step by Step

A step by step guide on how to get the Green Deal and what is involved. Starting with your Green Deal Assessment, it helps to understand the process you’ll go through to avail of a Green Deal loan or cashback. Continue reading

Introduction to the Green Deal

The UK’s Green Deal programme is the first of its kind in the world. The scheme offers households a way to improve the efficiency of their property, reduce their carbon footprint and future proof their home, all without any capital … Continue reading

Renewable Heat Premium Payments Increase

The government has announced this week that the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme will be doubling (in many cases) the amount offered to householders who purchase renewable sources of heat. However, to be eligible, the householder will need to … Continue reading

How Green Energy Policies Reduce Energy Bills

Green energy policies do not come without a cost. Recent research from DECC, however, shows the net effect of these policies is to reduce our bills. This is good news given the continued trend of rising energy prices. Continue reading

Just Who is the Green Deal Benefiting?

Guest author Jenny Jones gives her thoughts on the energy market and specifically the Government’s new Green Deal initiative. Continue reading

Green Deal Gets EU Cash and Approval

The EU has approved £600 million in support of the Green Deal. The funding was confirmed earlier this week in statements praising the aims of the scheme. Continue reading