Why Green Business Watch.co.uk?

Welcome to the Green Business Watch UK office! Just open and rearing to get going to fulfill our promise to bring you all the information you need to find the eco-friendly, sustainable products and services you are looking for.

At GreenBusinessWatch.org we have been watching and writing about global Green Business issues for some time now and have begun the important work of connecting consumers with providers. There has been a strong response from the UK market leading to the launch of GreenBusinessWatch.co.uk, dedicated to the needs of Green companies and consumers in the UK. If, like many of us, you find yourself thinking “I would like to do this better if only I could find out how” then you have come to the right place.

It is our job, our mission, to connect you to companies providing environmentally friendly solutions to the problems of daily life. Over the coming months you will begin to find what the UK has to offer the Green consumer. We will put you in touch with Green companies. You will be able to join our discussion groups to share ideas and experiences. You will be able access in-depth information about Green issues and how the UK is dealing with them.

Green Business Watch UK will give you a one-stop resource which will bring environmentally conscious decision making within easy reach of the ordinary home owner. On the big issues of energy conservation, carbon emissions, reduction of our reliance on finite resources like fossil fuels and the use of dangerous chemicals in everyday house, garden and personal products, you can have your say, keep up to date and learn what is available. You will have what you need to play your part and make a difference.

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If you have any thoughts on these issues we'd love to hear your comments on our Google+ page or twitter @GreenBizWatchUK.

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