Tariffs for Small Commercial Biomass to Reduce by 10% From October 1st 2014


DECC has announced a 10% reduction to the small commercial biomass tariff under the non-domestic RHI. The new tariffs for the quarter starting October 1st 2014 see tariffs for small commercial biomass (less than 200 kWth) reduce from 8.4 and 2.2 for Tier 1 and Tier 2 down to 7.6 and 2.0.

The other tariffs under the non-domestic RHI remain unaffected. Ofgem is advising that if you intend to apply to the Non-Domestic RHI scheme for small commercial biomass, or have already done so, you should ensure all necessary paperwork has been submitted and, in the case of accreditations, scheme eligibility requirements have been met.

To receive the old tariff, the installation will need to meet any relevant eligibility criteria and the application will need to be properly made before the date when the new tariff applies. If your eventual date of accreditation or registration is after the date when a reduced tariff as detailed comes into effect then you will receive the reduced tariff.

View updated tariff tables for the non-domestic RHI.

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