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You have found installers of Solar Panels (PV) in Cornwall. The following companies are all solar panel installers serving Cornwall. Some are local to the region, while others work nationally. View full company profiles for more details on their experience and to get a feel for their skills, accreditations and past work.

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Solar Panels in Cornwall

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With roughly 1,183kWh per square metre, Cornwall receives about as much energy from the sun as anywhere in the UK. That makes it the ideal location for solar panels.

It's a fact not lost on the 15,917 households across the county that have already installed solar PV. The domestic sector in Cornwall has already installed 62,436kW of generating capacity and when commercial installs are added that goes up to 180,779kW. In fact, Cornwall has the 4th highest installed capacity of all the counties in the UK.

With significantly above average sunshine, both domestic and commercial installations in Cornwall stand to gain from better savings and returns than the vast bulk of the country.

MCS Accredited Installers

It is very important that you only entrust the installation of your solar panels to an MCS accredited installer. MCS accreditation demonstrates compliance with industry standards and is mandatory if you want to benefit from Feed in Tariff payments.

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