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Solar Panels in the UK

Solar panels can provide your home or business with a renewable energy source, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money. A 4kWp domestic install can generate upwards of 3,400kWh of solar power over the course of a year depending on your site and where in the UK you are located. In general, your solar PV system has a higher potential in more southern areas of the country and on roofs that face south or near south. That said, solar has been successfully installed in the far north of Scotland so don’t rule it out before seeing what you could save.

Solar Panel Costs

Solar PV systems in the UK can vary quite a bit in cost. Research from Green Business Watch found that the median price quoted for a 4kW typical domestic install was £5,657.50. That’s the installed cost, including the panels, inverters, scaffolding, labour and VAT. Prices quoted in the survey ranged widely with the cheapest quotes just under £4,500 and the most expensive at £7,500. The panels and inverters used in the installation are a large part of the price variation and different solar panel installers will make a case for different setups based on their experience.

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