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Ask Renewable Solutions

ASK Renewable Solutions Ltd are specialists in the installation, repair and maintenance of all forms of renewable energy solutions, including solar panels, solar water heating, solar batteries and air source heat pumps.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver an amazing level of service and every job that we carry out is performed to the highest possible standard, using only the best equipment. Our team are fully trained to the highest possible level and pride themselves on their attitude and workmanship.

ASK Renewable Solutions offer service, repair and maintenance on Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Air Source heat pumps, Thermodynamics and Battery Storage systems.

Air Source Heat Pump Matching BuildingSolar Panels on Roof


"Within 3 weeks we progressed from quote to finished installation. The engineers are superb and have spent time, before I committed, adjusting my expectations with help from their many years of real-life experience. At no point was there any sales tactics or pressure applied – honest commerce all the way." - MOKRINI

"Ask renewable solutions completed the installation of Solar Panels for us. After an initial request, a fully detailed quote was provided with a very good price which we accepted. We had previously researched companies and this company had good reviews and all the required certificates eg MCS... We are very pleased with the company from the initial request to the completed job they have been excellent. They are highly recommended" - P. BAILEY

"From the design, advice and detailed quotation through to installation, the process went very efficiently and professionally, exceeding our expectations. Communication was always good and responsive. Paperwork and certification were supplied quickly after installation. The monitoring app is a delight as it shows how we’re doing in real time." - R CLARKE


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Ask Renewable Solutions are based in Wigan and serve customers throughout North West England and North Wales.


  • Solar PV
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Battery Storage
  • Solar Thermal

* - ASK Renewable Solutions Ltd: MCS Details

MCS Certificate Number: APH-47062
Certification Body: APHC
Consumer Code: HIES

Technologies: Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal

* - ASK Renewable Solutions Limited: MCS Details

MCS Certificate Number: NAP-32579
Certification Body: NAPIT
Consumer Code: HIES

Technologies: Solar Photovoltaics

MCS Information checked: 09/08/23



You should verify up to date accreditation (e.g. MCS, Gas Safe etc) for both installer and product before you go ahead.