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Solar Panels Scotland

Families and businesses all over Scotland are beginning to generate their own electricity with solar PV. Scotland already has a massive 29,920 solar panel installations and just over 111 MW of installed capacity. 29,297 of those installations are domestic, providing Scottish homes and families with lower electricity bills and an income from Feed in Tariffs and moving Scotland towards its 2020 target of generating 100% of its energy from renewables.

Solar Panel Grants in Scotland

Solar panel installations in Scotland are eligible for the Feed in Tariff scheme which provides a tariff payment for every kWh of electricity generated. Find out more in our Feed in tariff Guide.

About Solar Photovoltaic Panels

PV Solar panels convert the energy from the sun into electricity. You can find out more in our Solar Panels Guide. If you are looking for information and installers of solar hot water in Scotland, try here: Solar Thermal Scotland.

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