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Solar Panels Northern Ireland

If you are thinking about installing solar panels in Northern Ireland, you are far from alone. Northern Ireland has 4,791 solar panel installations accounting for 26 MW of generating capacity. 2013 alone saw 3,334 new installations creating renewable energy and income for homes and businesses across the province.


Over 3,000 homes and businesses throughout Northern Ireland added solar panel installations last year alone. Not only are they helping the environment and benefiting from reduced electricity bills but they are also generating income through the NI Renewables Obligation scheme.

Northern Ireland is somewhat cloudier than other regions in the UK but still has average annual sunshine hours between 1100 hours (upland areas of the North and West) and 1400 hours (coastal areas of county Down). Belfast has an average of 1285 hours of sunshine annually. Still plenty of solar energy to help power your building and generate income.

Solar Panel Grants in Northern Ireland

Unlike the rest of the UK, the Feed in Tariff scheme does not operate in Northern Ireland. Instead, funding for solar panel installations in NI is achieved through the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation.

About Solar Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels convert the energy from the sun into electricity. You can find out more in our Solar Panels Guide. If you are looking for information and installers of solar hot water in Northern Ireland try here: Solar Thermal Northern Ireland.

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