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Heatsource Direct

Heatsource Direct are a team of renewable energy specialists who believe that a sustainable future starts with the businesses that power our world. 

Heatsource Direct was founded in 2016 by brothers Chris and Tom Thurling to change how businesses buy, use and save energy. We’re pioneering technologies to reduce how much energy your business uses. Targeting specific areas of your energy eco-system such as Solar PV, LED Lighting, Voltage Optimisation, Power Factor Correction and EV Charging to ensure that saving money and saving the planet isn’t a choice.

Our team contains experts from across the energy sector. From power traders to electrical technicians and analysts who understand the complexities and challenges businesses face in an industry going through radical change.

North Brewing Solar InstallNorth Brewing Solar Install 2

Benefits of Commercial Solar

  • Enjoy an impressive ROI, on average between 22% and 30%
  • Solar can help lower your carbon emissions and reach your business’s sustainability goals or environmental accreditations
  • Reduce or eliminate your energy bill - and in turn, reduce your carbon footprint

All of our solar systems are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years with 25-year performance warranty. We also offer an Operations and Maintenance package to give you further peace of mind.

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Heatsource Direct are based in North Yorkshire and serve business customers throughout the England and Scotland.


  • Solar Panels (PV)
  • EV Charging

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