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Griff Services Ltd

Griff Services Ltd is located in Salford Quays, Manchester, where our reputation has been established on foundations of quality and attention to detail.

Griff Services Solar Panel InstallationNot only do we provide you with the latest technology, we also carry out your installation professionally and provide comprehensive and straightforward advice.

We explain everything you need to know clearly and make sure that we never baffle our customers with technical terms!

Solar Panels and Battery Storage

Griff Services Ltd has partnered with market leaders Tesla, Enphase and LG to bring the leading technology to a mass market. Benefiting from an extensive knowledge and experience of our partners, we are installing their product with confidence in engineered quality and our customers know that products they are getting are simply the best. 

Electrical Engineering & Renewable EnergyWe are Battery and Energy Storage Specialists able to design and install a DC or AC storage system tailored to your lifestyle. As there are no ‘one fits all’ solutions. It is imperative that your system, reflects your very specific and unique demands. Not all battery systems offer the same benefits. Some might give you an emergency power if your grid supply fails, others not. Choosing an experienced contractor is vital, otherwise the system might not work the way you want.

Solar Panels Repairs

Unfortunately, not all solar panel companies have installed their PV Solar Systems to the same level. We have heard a number of stories from our clients. The most common being that the company is no longer in business or unable/not interested to attend to a repair.

Griff Services Ltd are experts in repair and maintenance of solar panels in Manchester and North West and throughout England and North Wales.

We can diagnose and repair all solar panel systems of any size and specifications, regardless of who originally install them.

Solar PVSolar Panel Installation in Progress

Our specialists are more than happy to answer any questions you might have and are always available to offer their expert advice on new solar panel installation projects, battery storage or repair.


"We needed to replace solar panels inverter and Griff Services quoted a very sensible price. They were able to do the installation only a few days later. It was all done in a day, with no disruption and a great deal of efficiency and courtesy. We were exceedingly impressed by Michael’s conscientious approach, both to the original discussions and the planning process, and also to the execution of the job. He was a pleasure to meet and to have around the place. Thank you, Michael." Judy & Dick Hazlehurst

"Meeting Michael and the GRIFF team was a breath of fresh air. Michael and his entire team were on-hand and available through the whole process to cope with the inevitable challenges of a project this size, and their ongoing quality assurance throughout the programme ensured that on move-in day, we did not even have one item which was not fully operational. I would thoroughly recommend GRIFF tor commercial projects of any scale."Vikas Shah - CEO, Swiscot Group

"Along with the big contracts I know you usually work on the professionalism and quality of work you provided for me on a one off job was truly outstanding. I have had many previous encounters with tradespeople who are late (or never show up) and only do half a job, and ask for more money than originally quoted. To my relief Griff Electrical Services have been an absolute pleasure to do business with and I have recommended their services to my colleagues, family, and friends who are in the Construction trade."Rob Southern, private

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Griff Services Ltd are based in Manchester and serve customers throughout England and North Wales.


  • Solar Panels (PV)
  • Battery Storage

* - Griff Services Ltd: MCS and RECC Details

MCS Certificate Number: NAP 28298
Date Certified: 07/04/2017
Technologies: Solar Photovoltaics

MCS Information checked: 05/10/2017

RECC Membership checked: 05/10/2017


You should verify up to date accreditation (e.g. MCS, Gas Safe etc) for both installer and product before you go ahead.