Boiler Upgrade Scheme Launches Today

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme launches today, 1st April, 2022. Well… sort of, because the scheme isn’t fully in place yet. Installers can’t register for the scheme until 11th April and grant applications and payments won’t begin until May 23rd. Heat pumps and some biomass installations installed from today on will be eligible for grant payments of €5,000 (€6,000 for ground source heat pumps).

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (formerly named the Clean Heat Grant) is the newest grant support scheme for renewable heating. It is primarily aimed at domestic buildings and it replaces the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, which closed at the end of March.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will provide up front grants of

  • €5,000 for air source heat pumps
  • €6,000 for ground source heat pumps
  • €5,000 for biomass (only in rural locations not on the gas grid)

The scheme is intended to support those replacing existing fossil fuel systems with renewable heating. It is not available to new builds, except in the case of one-off custom builds (self-building).

There are some eligibility criteria that need to be met. The system:

  • Must be below a certain capacity (45 kWth)
  • Must replace existing fossil fuel or direct electric systems, except in the case of self-builds
  • Air source heat pumps must meet a minimum efficiency (SCOP of 2.8 or above)
  • Property needs a valid EPC showing that required insulation levels are in place

The installation must be completed by an MCS certified installer.

If you want to find out more details about the scheme or the application process, you can find them in our Boiler Upgrade Scheme Guide.

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