New 2014 Feed in Tariff Rates Announced for Non Solar Technologies


January 31st, saw Ofgem publish new Feed in Tariff rates. These include the announcement of solar PV rate changes that come into place in April 2014 which we posted on yesterday. They also include the rates for non solar PV technologies which will apply from April 2014.

The non PV technologies covered by the Feed in Tariff are:

  • wind
  • hydro
  • micro CHP
  • anaerobic digestion

While solar PV rates are reviewed quarterly and tend to receive a lot of attention, rates for the other technologies are reviewed annually. The recent rate announcement will apply to installations with an eligibility date from April 1st 2014 through to March 31st 2015.

This round sees Feed in Tariff rates for most tariffs reduced in line with the degression mechanism built into the FIT legislation.

You can view the rates for all technologies here: updated 2014 Feed in Tariff rates.


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