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NU-GEN Power Group

Harnessing the power of mother nature through Solar energy, NU-GEN Power Group can help you find the best solution to the energy needs of your home or business. We can help you invest in Solar giving you the security of knowing your energy prices over the next twenty years. You may wish to finance your own investment and reap the benefits of the Feed in Tariff and generating your own solar electricity or you may want to take a look at our innovative Solar Energy Plan.

Bright Spark Solar Energy Plan

"Bright Spark Savers Plan Customers Are Securing Their Electricity Prices for the next 20 years at cheaper rates than today"

If you opt for the savers plan you can have free access to solar with no capital outlay!

We can offer a full range of options for both domestic and commercial solar PV systems from fully paid where the full benefit of the the investment comes to you to no capital outlay "free" setup.

However you wish to finance your solar project, get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

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NU-GEN Power Group is based in Edinburgh and serves ​customers in ​England, Scotland and Wales.


  • Domestic Solar PV
  • Commercial Solar PV
  • Gas Boilers

*NU-GEN Power Group ​works only with MCS accredited intallers who will be happy to show proof when they speak to you.


You should verify up to date accreditation (e.g. MCS, Gas Safe etc) for both installer and product before you go ahead.