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Global Energy Systems

Global Energy Systems is a British, renewable energy company supported by over 50 years of engineering experience. 

Our British designed and built air source heat pumps provide central heating and hot water simultaneously and can reduce heating bills by up to 65%. They are designed and built to work specifically with the UK climate and to outperform gas, oil and electric systems for the duration of their 20 year life.

Air Source Heat Pump

Eco Air Boilers

Designed for domestic and commercial use, the Eco Air Boiler can integrate into most environments. Our engineering solutions to sound suppression offer a heat pump that is designed for an urban, domestic setting which even allows location under a bedroom window.

Designed to offer domestic hot water up to 70°C even in air temperatures as low as -25°C, the Eco Air Boiler has no need for immersion heaters to supply year round hot water. Domestic hot water is heated simultaneously with the central heating function by the heat pump and can reach 70°C through this method. It can work with power showers and standard radiators through the deepest of winters.

As an MCS accredited manufacturer and heat pump installer working only with our own heat pumps, Global Energy Systems can provide a full assessment, specification and installation service, ensuring that your renewable energy solution is tailored to your needs.

Air source heat pumps are one of the simplest forms of renewable heating to install and maintain. The heat pump is a standalone unit and the cylinder is externally similar to a normal hot water cylinder. There are no ground works and the internal process is similar to a standard heating system upgrade. The Eco Air Boiler through its specific engineering can be stood flush to an external wall to save space or can even be located indoors with ducting. 

Air source heat pumps are an ideal way to help reduce environmental impact, take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive and insulate your household or business from rising heating costs. If you are off the gas grid, our British made air source heat pumps are a sound investment that can generate considerable savings compared to costly and polluting alternatives.

Global Energy Systems InstallationEco Air Boilers - 9kW London Heat Pump

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Global Energy Systems are based in Lancashire and serve customers who are off the gas grid in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders.


  • Air Source Heat Pumps

* - Global Energy Systems & Technology Ltd t/a Global Energy Systems: MCS and RECC Details

MCS Certificate Number: MCS 1453
Date Certified: 05/11/2010
Technologies: Air Source Heat Pumps, Exhaust Air Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps

MCS Information checked: 15/07/2014

RECC Membership checked: 15/07/2014


You should verify up to date accreditation (e.g. MCS, Gas Safe etc) for both installer and product before you go ahead.