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Econsult Collective Group

We at E-consult are a group of likeminded companies and individuals who bring our varied skill sets together. As members of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, you can rest assured we will be doing our best to give you the right advice.

Solar Storage and Management Systems​

So many brave and committed people took a leap of faith a few years ago and had Solar Photovoltaic Systems installed. They were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams in most cases with a substantial revenue via the Feed in Tariff in addition to dramatically improved electricity bills. Not to mention reducing Carbon Emissions!

SolaXWe believe it is time to be ‘Brave Again’. Storage Management Technology has arrived and now is viable as a ‘retro-fit’ product to almost anyone with a Solar System. Instead of only using 25% to 35% of what you are generating imagine the difference it would make to benefitting from 60% to 80% or more!

Let us do analysis of your system entirely free, produce and accurate report and let YOU make the right decision, just like you did the first time!

A home Managed Battery System (MBS) turns your Solar Panels into a 24 hour a day resource – increasing self-consumption of solar genereated electricity, while also offering emergency backup in the event of an outage. A Managed Battery Storage System you to take control of the energy you generate, secure your energy future and protect against increasing energy prices and altogether enhancing your Solar functionality to further reduce your energy costs.


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Econsult Collective Group are an IEMA consulting group based and serving customers in the South East.


  • Battery Storage

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John Hodgson: 0029623
Michelle Nelms: 0061979


You should verify up to date accreditation (e.g. MCS, Gas Safe etc) for both installer and product before you go ahead.